Saturday, February 9, 2008

a place to start.

Game type;

FPS stealth/ horror.

Premise; “There is always an alternative to the straight route of violence”

You are a homeless child, found wandering alone by another homeless child in a hostile environment. The streets have groups of predatory adults hunting children for their bounty. You have no offensive abilities, but must use light/dark areas and visual obstruction to sneak past your pursuers.


Opening scene;

Blurry vision. Sense of little feet walking. The flap flap of the little feet walking. Muffled sounds in memory. Screams, shooting, shouting. Indistinct and disjointed.

Vision spins around. A scruffy ten year old girl is gripping the player as vision clears.

“What are you doing?” the girl asks, terror evident in her voice and the shell-shocked gaze of her eyes. “Can’t you see the hunter’s lights? Can’t you hear them? You must hide!

Player is dragged by the wrist. They go through ruined and part ruined buildings. Destroyed cars etc. the girl finds a place to hide, and you crawl in. the gap is small and dark.

“Stay here and wait awhile. It’s too small a space to be hunted in here”

Player falls asleep, or just drifts off into a memory of before. Images are indistinct. Mainly of sounds of soothing adult voices. A mother singing a lullaby.

Hooting sounds start to invade the dream. The player wakens, but the hooting sounds continue. The sound of many children hooting.

“It’s ok to go out now” says the girl. “That’s the signal”

Player crawls out of the space, followed by the girl.

“I have not seen you before” says the girl. “If you want you can come with me I can bring you to Mr.Sterns. He will know where your nest is”. He knows these things

you follow the girl…….


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

this introduction strikes my curiosity, I feel like I need to know more of the story. Good for you. it seems interesting^^

Tim said...

well i will have to give you more of the story so ;)