Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Props WIP 1

This is a pick up truck i'm working on it's been a while since i've put anything up as i have been flat out slaving for savings :) anyways gonna texture and stuff hopefully by tuesday evening. lol if i'm lucky

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Rabbit news

not a lot happening here to show pictures of. the level is still with JamesH. he is working away on physics. doing a fine job i am sure.

i am selling comercial use versions of some of our assets now over on turbosquid.

click the link to go have a look at them, buy them for your own projects etc. i will be adding cool new models there as regularly as i can, so if you are in the market for assets, make it a regular port of call.
i also will be using this page to host my tutorials, so go check them out too. they are of course free.

other news, i have gotten a job. i am doing some freelance work for Dx Studio. making assets for their product demos and that kinda thing. wont make me rich, but will keep the rent paid. this does mean a lot less time for rabbit related 3d, but that does not mean i wont keep my hand it and keep progress happening. slowly perhaps. but slow and steady wins the race. brian will have to step up his production to take the strain. :)
that is about all the solid info i have right now. hopefully before end of september i will have something more interesting to say.