Thursday, February 28, 2008

Publicity02 - Briamond

Attended the Dare to be Digital opening today in Dublin today, there was a large enough turn out.
Approached a good amount programmers and was approached in kind bu Carlow and other colleges.

No lack of programmers about in this country.

The buzz about the place is quite positive at the moment.

However there'll be no resting on our laurels now gotta keep working.

No breaks for this beast of burden. WORK WORK work...........

Will keep posted.

level design08- Briamond

Some screens of the newer buildings iv'e got in c4 gonna set up scenes in Engine and get it out for you guys. These are render scenes from 3DS max so i will have some screen grabs from C4 as well.

I've got some other buildings and street props to come as well such as a theatre, ornate apartment blocks and some more shops.
So keep your eyes peeled.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

level design07-irishlostboy

ok, Sean Brady got PhysX working in C4, so i spent a day pulling in all my physics props, whether they belonged there or not, and had fun shooting them around the level. physx is soooo fun.

i got a cat model done. there will be stray cats in the world, and you have to watch out, because they may give your position away if you are not careful.

Monday, February 18, 2008


here is the flyer/ poster we have done for distributing at the Dare To Be Digital launch, to recrute programmers. if this is you, get in touch ;)

Friday, February 15, 2008


Renders of some of the buildings in the project.

Will be building a sewer environment soon also some scaffolding physics objects.


Here are some pics for more of the buildings and styles to be seen in the project.

Gonna hollow out some interiors for the buildings soon. will have something in the near future

Thursday, February 14, 2008

level design04-irishlostboy

messing with getting volumetric light effects to work.

they are looking ok to me so far. the textures need work, but the concept is sound.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

level design03-irishlostboy

lighting test. nothing fancy. orange lights, light flares, fire in a barrel. it matches the skybox a little better now.

I am off now for a long weekend. valintines is today, then i am back in the northwest from friday morning.
i was hoping to get more done before school is back on monday, but this will do for now.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

status report01-briamond

Currently working on some new buildings and props for the game will have some shots up soon...
Been a long enough week i'm exhausted but we struggle on and keep the work up to scratch... will have more soon....

Saturday, February 9, 2008

level design02-irishlostboy

the engine we are using is C4
its a really powerful renderer. i expect great things from it.

level design01-irishlostboy

the 3d elements are build modularly in 3ds max, then imported and assembled in the game engine.

a place to start.

Game type;

FPS stealth/ horror.

Premise; “There is always an alternative to the straight route of violence”

You are a homeless child, found wandering alone by another homeless child in a hostile environment. The streets have groups of predatory adults hunting children for their bounty. You have no offensive abilities, but must use light/dark areas and visual obstruction to sneak past your pursuers.


Opening scene;

Blurry vision. Sense of little feet walking. The flap flap of the little feet walking. Muffled sounds in memory. Screams, shooting, shouting. Indistinct and disjointed.

Vision spins around. A scruffy ten year old girl is gripping the player as vision clears.

“What are you doing?” the girl asks, terror evident in her voice and the shell-shocked gaze of her eyes. “Can’t you see the hunter’s lights? Can’t you hear them? You must hide!

Player is dragged by the wrist. They go through ruined and part ruined buildings. Destroyed cars etc. the girl finds a place to hide, and you crawl in. the gap is small and dark.

“Stay here and wait awhile. It’s too small a space to be hunted in here”

Player falls asleep, or just drifts off into a memory of before. Images are indistinct. Mainly of sounds of soothing adult voices. A mother singing a lullaby.

Hooting sounds start to invade the dream. The player wakens, but the hooting sounds continue. The sound of many children hooting.

“It’s ok to go out now” says the girl. “That’s the signal”

Player crawls out of the space, followed by the girl.

“I have not seen you before” says the girl. “If you want you can come with me I can bring you to Mr.Sterns. He will know where your nest is”. He knows these things

you follow the girl…….