Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Props and stuff 01

Wehey i'm finally finsihed college yup. Finished today and you'd think i'd be taking a break but no i've started doing some props and stuff thought i'd do a satellite dish Tim (irishlostboy) gave me a list of things to get cracking with in my own time so i couldn't resist getting stuck in.

Level design 13

ok, we finished college today. praise the lord. here are some new screenshots. not perfect, but we are getting there.

have some new sketches from agatha as well we will put up shortly.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

level design 12

Here's a building i've been working on for the last hour or so working on the texturing momentarily and trying to get a decent scheme going. This is part of a much larger part of buildings for a quad building section (A middle open section be it park or car park with buildings all surrounding it) This is the front part of it that'll be facing the street. i'm looking forward to have this section of buildings completed soon i will have it all done by tonight.

I will be working on sound and some props also and i have a paper to write on physics implementation (specifically traps) in our game.

Will put up some more images soon

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

character concepts 02

over the past week we have been mainly working on text documents and presentations. so not a lot of cool new 3d to show off just now.
on the other hand we do have a new team member to welcome. Agatha Noel has joined us as a concept artist. she will be interpreting the world and the characters of Rabbit for us in 2d. here are two of her first submissions.