Saturday, July 5, 2008

level design 16

been a while since i updated, but that does not mean i have not been working. admitedly not as hard as i should be, but its still working.
the main piece of work i have done is a tree. sound simple. it was not. took a lot of trial and error to maximise the detail while making it feasable for realtime remndering.

here is the trunk section. it has two trunks twined together.

the branches are alpha mapped planes.

foliage are planes of course.

here is a wire render. its about 3500 triangles. includingall the detail bits.

ivy and fungus details.

here is a grass model. it is only really three planes. it needs optimising. it was rendered out from a full high poly model. this method is very time consuming, but it looks good from any angle. always a problem with foliage.

a breakable chair model.

and the tire all finished.

we are a few weeks away from having something playable for people to test out. its tough to keep focused on the project at the moment, but when i see the screens up like this, its all worth while.

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